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Strategic project “Support of the readiness of Kazakhstan to finance the Green Climate Fund” is aimed at creating favorable conditions for mobilizing financing of the Green Climate Fund for activities related to climate change.

The main objective of the Project is to create conditions in Kazakhstan for the implementation of the projects of the Green Climate Fund (hereinafter - the GCF).

The project consists of five components:

Component 1 “Country capacity strengthened” is aimed at providing training for the ministry staff and other interested central and local authorities, carrying out information and awareness campaigns. The component will ensure the development of preliminary procedures for reviewing project proposals and submitting them for funding from the GCF.

Component 2 “Stakeholders engaged in consultative processes” aims to create and update the country program of the GCF, which contains priorities for cooperation with the GCF.

Component 3 “Direct access realized” is aimed at creating opportunities for ensuring direct national access to financial instruments of the GCF. After the implementation of the project, proposals will be developed and submitted to the DNA to support the accreditation of specific national organizations.

Component 4 “Access to Finance” will create the capacity in the country to review and submit projects for funding through the GCF and through national operators operating in the investment field.

Component 5 “Private sector mobilization” is aimed at involving private institutions, banks, and grantors in co-financing activities of GCF projects in Kazakhstan.

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