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February 5-6, 2019. Almaty. UNDP Kazakhstan held a two-day technical training seminar for employees of the "Damu" Entrepreneurship Development Fund" JSC in Almaty. The purpose of the event is to inform about the possibilities of cooperation with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and prospects for Kazakhstan, as well as to train the workshop participants in preparing projects for the fund. The workshop was organised within the UNDP project “CGF Readiness Project for Kazakhstan”.

"Damu" Entrepreneurship Development Fund has begun the accreditation process for direct access to the GCF. This will allow DAMU fund to diversify financial funds, create special programmes and pools of green projects, strengthen its expertise and become the first Kazakhstan quasi-state company introducing a new type of projects.

Daulet Abilikirov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the DAMU Fund, welcomed the participants of the seminar, noting the timeliness and importance of holding such a seminar. “Currently, green projects affecting the reduction of CO² are viewed as a promising direction, which in turn will open new opportunities for business development in the framework of the introduction of new practices and attracting investments in energy-efficient infrastructure through the interaction of financial institutions and Kazakhstani enterprises and entrepreneurs", he said in his speech.

“This seminar will help the staff of the DAMU fund to study the peculiarities of green projects, and to further build their portfolios by evaluating the projects that come to them after receiving accreditation at the GCF. Overall, UNDP conducted a series of workshops and consultation meetings on GCF procedures. To date, the Agrocredit Corporation of Kazakhstan and the DAMU fund, using the knowledge gained from the Readiness project. They are undergoing an accreditation process at the GCF. This, we hope, will lead to an increase in “green projects” aimed at reducing greenhouse gases and creating conditions for adaptation to climate change”, said UNDP project manager Saulet Sakenov.

The main goal of the UNDP project “CGF Readiness Project for Kazakhstan” is to create conditions in Kazakhstan for the implementation of GCF projects. The project is also strategically aimed at creating an enabling environment for mobilising funding for the GCF for climate change related activities.

UNDP, as a long-term partner of Kazakhstan, assisted in the development of a Concept for Kazakhstan’s transition to a green economy, the signing of the Paris Agreement. The new UNDP agenda is aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as supporting Kazakhstan for the transition to a green economy, through active creation of strategic partnerships with key national and international financial organizations, including the GCF. It is expected that the interaction of Kazakhstan with the fund will allow launching the transformation mechanisms of the Kazakhstan economy.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is an independent environmental fund, a financial mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, created to assist developing countries in mitigating and adapting to climate change. The GCF is one of the sources of funding for countries ready for economic and social transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and fulfill the obligations of the Paris Agreement.


Saulet Sakenov, Project Manager, UNDP project “CGF Readiness Project for Kazakhstan”, tel: +7 7172 69 65 50, e-mail

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