Sustainable cities
Sustainable cities
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To obtain accreditation at the GCF, a national (regional) organization must meet the following requirements:

• Basic fiduciary standards;

• Specialized fiduciary standards;

• Environmental and social standards;

• Gender standards.

The accreditation process includes three main stages:

1. Application and verification of application completeness;

2. Accreditation Commission and Decision of the GCF Council;

3. Legal clearance.

After the conclusion of a legal agreement and accreditation, an accredited organization may submit climate projects to the GCF.

The GCF uses a “targeted” approach to accreditation, which allows for a wide range of organizations with different levels to get accreditation. Organizations may be eligible for different levels of accreditation, depending on their ability to demonstrate their experience in applying fiduciary, socio-environmental standards. In addition, organizations must demonstrate the availability of competencies, policies, and procedures to operate in accordance with the GCF gender policy. Getting accreditation at the GCF is not an easy process. Accreditation can take 1–2 years, but on average it takes 6–9 months to complete this process (after filing an application), depending on the size, scale, and level of accreditation.

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