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Sustainable cities
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In accordance with the GCF policies and guidelines, the Designated National Authority (DNA) serves as the principal interface with the GCF, which has the authority and mandate to communicate with the Fund.

Key DNA functions include:

·         Provide broad strategic oversight to ensure that the GCF finances are geared towards the country's priorities

·         Engage stakeholders in identifying priority sectors that will be funded by the GCF

·         Provide nomination letters for direct access

·         Implement a project/program approval process and provide “no objection” letters for projects/programs

·         Provide leadership in deploying readiness and preparatory support in the country

The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the Authorized National Authority (hereinafter - DNA) for interaction with the GCF. Phones of the office: 8 (7172) 78-69-81, 78-69-71, 78-69-61, 78-69-31, 74-08-44. Site

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